Zebipod -499- Was kann ich tun?

27.11.15, 16:30:00 von zebipod
***Neuer Upload mit vollständiger Datei***

Heute mal etwas ernster zu einem Thema, dass mir sehr am Herzen liegt.

Der Link zu meinem Verein: www.beginnnebenanberlin.com


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    There are so many fun and exciting things to do and experiences around the world that I thought I ‘d put together a list of favorite things to do for all travelers.
  2. games.lol/blockman-go sagt:
    Hi the download link you shared is not working, same with the website. Please update. I waited for a long time for this episode to be uploaded.
  3. play - official site 1 sagt:
    Thanks for sharing this podcast, I've been a long time listener and this is my first time commenting. All I can say is this topic was very close to my heart as well. You delivered a powerful message at the end of the episode and that words will be forever in my mind.
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